Your search for a BMI vacation rental 
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Our website makes the search for the perfect vacation home is made very easy for you. On the main menu select ‘vacation homes' and to your left a menu will open leading you to the link ‘search for a home'. Click on that link and a window will open that will allow you to tell us whether you are looking for a single family home or an apartment, and will ask you to put in the exact dates that you wish to rent with us. Once you've entered these, all you have to do is click on the search button at the bottom and you will see exactly which homes are available for the time frame you've chosen.

This page will show a picture of the home and tell you other important information such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has and the nightly fee. The blue icons will help you choose by indicating whether the house has wireless internet, is on a waterfront, is gulf accessible, and more. When you decide on one of these homes all you have to do next is left-click your cursor on ‘click here' to get more information about the home. You'll be able to see more pictures of the home, see a virtual tour, find a detailed description, and more.

To reserve the home where you want to spend your vacation, book it directly via the internet by clicking on ‘booking and calendar'. A reservation page will open up and all you have to do is fill it out completely and hit ‘submit'. Within hours a rental contract for the vacation home and time frame you've requested will be sent to you by email (as a .pdf file) with further details. Should you have any questions at all, we will gladly answer them by phone or email.

You may also find our website helpful in your vacation planning. Look for links on our website such as ‘tips & suggestions' and ‘about the area'. Then take a look at our guestbook and you'll see that you've surely made the right decision by booking your vacation home through us.

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